10,000 Missing Male Fiances in Ireland

I was demonstrating setting up a facebook ad today for a client who wanted to advertise to people in Ireland who had their relationship status set to engaged.

I was shocked to find out that of the 70,000 people engaged to be married, 40,000 were women and only 30,000 were men…


Yes there are more women, than men on Facebook, a ratio of approximately 125:110 which should put the engagement stats at around 40K-35K, but at the same time, every woman needs someone to be engaged to.

So what are the reasons behind this?

Here are a few possibilities:

  • Men are lazier about setting their relationship status
  • Men are more private about their relationship status
  • Some men don’t know they’re engaged
  • Many engaged men are simply not on facebook at all
  • There are a lot of female same sex engagements nowadays
  • Some women are fabricating their relationship status

Can you shed any light on this?  We’re pretty stumped.

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