A plea to the world from a web developer, stop using IE8 or previous

I’m making this plea on behalf of all web developers across the globe.  Please, everybody, remove or upgrade versions of Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8 and 9 to version 10 or better yet, there’s loads of other lovely browsers out there now, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and a plethora of others that you can install in minutes and they all work really well and are secure because they will upgrade themselves as new standards emerge.

Unfortunately, 15% of users out there are still using IE according to stats I obtained from traffic to my website slang.ie.  From approx 30K visits, almost 5K or them came from versions of Internet Explorer.  It’s still the third most popular browser with Chrome and Safari in positions 1 and 2 respectively and Firefox and Android in 4th and 5th place.

A huge shift has occurred but there are still some stalwarts out there stuck in their old ways and US POOR WEB DEVLOPERS HAVE TO PULL OUT OUR HAIR TO DEAL WITH THE FEW WHO INSIST ON USING OLD VERSIONS OF IE.

ie-usersThe graph on the left shows a break down of the 15% of users still using IE from versions 6 to 10.

Can you believe that 1% of IE users still use IE6?  Do these users still use dial up modems to connect to the internet too I wonder?  6% use IE7!!! guys, if you’re viewing the web with IE6 or 7 you’re missing a huge part of the experience.  Nowadays pages can be animated, include media as part of the HTML 5 standard, have loads of lovely graphics and effects such as rounded corners and drop shadows, and you’re using this clunky old technology that renders boxes and things in a different way than every other browser that read the W3C Standards document.

WHY? Because Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team were not interested in standards other than their own and they obviously enjoyed torturing independent web developers and designers like yours truly over the years.

I can’t believe 33% still use IE8 and 42% use IE9. Guys… hello… firefox, chrome and other browsers don’t have different versions, they just upgrade themselves automatically… please just upgrade to the latest now or switch from it completely.  For the love of god and all that is holy please do it so that our clients don’t ask us to support it any more.  I’m sure some developers have contemplated self-harm after trying to get the padding of a div to work consistently across various browsers.  You, the general public, can stop this madness today and protect our kind today with the click of a button.

Even wordpress, the ultimate content management system has a new theme called 2012 and it works beautifully with all browsers, if you modify it though, your changes won’t be seen on versions of IE8 and previous, unless you code up a separate .css file that specifically deals with the non-standards based shenanigans that one has to endure for a small percentage of people who obviously don’t even like the internet.

Anyway, apologies,  rant over.

If this post gets 1 billion shares I’m sure many many people will update or change to a different browser, so share it using the buttons below and who knows, perhaps you’ll save some poor developer like me a lot of heart ache going forward.

Even if one person upgrades as a result it will be worth it, for them.

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