Biz4Biz – A New Company Search / Business Directory for Irish Businesses

biz4bizBiz4Biz is a new business directory in Ireland specifically created for the knowledge economy.  It was built by UTD Web Design for the Southern and Eastern Regional Assembly and is being run and maintained by SEBIC (The South East Business Innovation Centre).

Biz4Biz is an output from an EU project known as AtlantKIS, and the goal is to encourage online interaction of knowledge based businesses online.

Biz4Biz Ireland's Knowledge Business Directory

Biz4Biz Ireland’s Knowledge Business Directory

There are 3 key features to Biz4Biz:

  1. It is a business directory for knowledge based businesses:  Businesses can login, register and submit a profile which is displayed on the Biz4Biz site.  Businesses enter keywords which can then be searched on by the general public or other businesses.
  2. Get a quote for professional services:  If you need graphic design, a website, accountancy, legal assistance or whatever, use the get a quote facility to get quotes from businesses registered in your area on the site.
  3. View and tender for Business Leads: Using the view leads section, registered businesses can respond to other businesses quote requests with a few clicks.

The site is currently launched in Beta and is receiving registrations daily.  I would recommend that all knowledge businesses register with the system as at the very least they will receive a quality, manually approved, back link to their website.

When businesses register they are given the option to create a search engine friendly url and input data that is displayed on an attractive one page profile that can be viewed equally as well on mobile and desktop browsers. The profile displays the business logo, description, linked keywords that the business registered with, contact details and social media connectivity along with a contact form.

UTD Web Design on Biz4Biz Company Search Screen

UTD Web Design on Biz4Biz Company Search Screen

Technology Used

Biz4Biz was designed from the ground up using current web design standards such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, MySql, and Javscript including Ajax for better user experience.  It uses a responsive design so the same content is viewed slightly differently on smaller screens.  The key was simplicity, it had to be both easy to use on various browsers, but yet fully featured and search engine friendly.

Please visit and register your business today.


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