Blog Installation / Development

If your website has a limited number of pages it is sometimes excellent to have a blog as part of your website to increase your site traffic as with a blog you can add an unlimited number of pages/articles to your website through an easy to use interface.

We can customise and install wordpress on your server to allow you to blog away to your heart’s content and capture the hearts and mind of your audience.  All our blogs come with social media integration so if you post that really interesting, funny or helpful article it may take on a life of its own and get you a gazillion social media shares.

We can also provide training to you on the technical side to show you how to add documents, media such as video, podcasts etc., teach you the do’s and don’ts and show you how to disseminate your blog and get it to become a tool to drive sales to your products and services.

What is a blog?

Quite simply a blog is a web log?

“What’s a web log?” you say. Darn, I knew I wouldn’t get away with it that easily.

OK a web log is a website that allows you to add articles to it whenever you want, which are posted to the site in reverse chronological order i.e. your latests posts appear at the top.

You can organise these articles by categories and attach keywords or tags to them to make them easier to find through search and also help again with your search engine optimisation.

If you have a blog you should post to it regularly so only invest in one if you really intend to make a go of it.


With wordpress there are plugins for everything, SEO, media management, galleries, social media and much more, it’s a future proofed technology that is continuously updated and so if you do opt for it as a solution.