Brennan Catering Supplies

brennan catering suppliesWe recently did an SEO audit and training session with Brennan Catering Supplies, who specialise in selling Hygiene, Bar & Catering Equipment in Ireland, from Chefs Clothing to Coffee and Espresso Machines.

The site has thousands of catering products so we began our test by scanning the site technically looking at current position on search engine for various catering products and looked for areas to improve the content, looking at uniqueness of titles, headings, image alt tags and site content in general.

We researched their product sitemaps and verified that products were being indexed correctly, looking for potential issues and analysed competition to see how Brennan Catering Supplies other catering equipment companies were comparing with them. We also looked at things like page load speed, errors, mobile compatibility, back links and other factors that might affect their SERP.

We presented a strategy for them to improve content and online marketing going forward and hopefully, given time, they will see some significant improvements and see their hygiene, bar and catering supplies products shooting up the ranks on the search engine results pages in the near future.

Here’s what John Brennan had to say about our service…

“We are delighted with the service UTD Web Design provided. We are working our way through the recommended advice and there is already an increase in traffic to the site and it is definitely going in the right direction for us, for which we are grateful.”

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