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Brennan Catering Supplies

brennan catering suppliesWe recently did an SEO audit and training session with Brennan Catering Supplies, who specialise in selling Hygiene, Bar & Catering Equipment in Ireland, from Chefs Clothing to Coffee and Espresso Machines.

The site has thousands of catering products so we began our test by scanning the site technically looking at current position on search engine for various catering products and looked for areas to improve the content, looking at uniqueness of titles, headings, image alt tags and site content in general.

We researched their product sitemaps and verified that products were being indexed correctly, looking for potential issues and analysed competition to see how Brennan Catering Supplies other catering equipment companies were comparing with them. We also looked at things like page load speed, errors, mobile compatibility, back links and other factors that might affect their SERP.

We presented a strategy for them to improve content and online marketing going forward and hopefully, given time, they will see some significant improvements and see their hygiene, bar and catering supplies products shooting up the ranks on the search engine results pages in the near future.

Here’s what John Brennan had to say about our service…

“We are delighted with the service UTD Web Design provided. We are working our way through the recommended advice and there is already an increase in traffic to the site and it is definitely going in the right direction for us, for which we are grateful.”

Wigworld – Waterford Medical Related Hair Loss Website Relaunch

wigworldWhen Joyce O’Carroll contacted me to re-build her new Wigworld website she asked me to create something clear and stylish that worked well on both mobile and desktop computers.

Wigworld specialises in wigs and hair pieces for people with medical related hair loss due to Chemotherapy , Radiotherapy , Alopecia, Trichotillomania and Thinning Hair.  There were many products listed in galleries and we decided to present them with a pinterest type gallery.

We used plugins to extend the default gallery with a lazy load gallery using lightbox effect when images are clicked.  This provides a nice way to view thumbnails at a glance and allows the user to scroll through in an intuitive way on mobile and desktop without using unnecessary bandwidth. It also allows Joyce add new images easily.

The site uses a slider for the header which can be easily updated with new images also.

There are several wordpress plugins installed to make the site work well with google in terms of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and also with Social media through social share buttons.  We also installed plugins for security to prevent hacking and unauthorized login attempts.

Here’s what Joyce had to say about her new site and our service:

“I’m thrilled with my new website its clean and clear just as I asked for. I didn’t want a clutter site like so many others.

Cian understood my vision. He was professional ,ease to work with and interested in my wishes!

I would have no problem recommending Cian”

Jack Meades Bar & Beer Garden Relaunch

jack-meadesI was delighted to be asked to redesign the Jack Meades Bar & Beer Garden website. We originally designed the site over 5 years ago before responsive design became mainstream.  The site was indexing well on Google but wasn’t mobile friendly so I was chuffed to be asked to redesign the site by Liam Hartley and bring it up to date.

Liam wanted more traditional colours for the site too and a more striking logo so we went for black on white with a little red motif using the traditional lettering from the old logo and a red menu bar to perhaps reflect the extensive hurling tradition of the area.

The site is clean and crisp and a lot more striking now, and as per usual clutter free.  We want the site audience to get the information they need without fuss.

The site is built with wordpress so came with blog/news by default and the slider we used brings you through the grounds from the famous tunnel at Halfway house, around the grounds to see the extensive facility including the old bar, the main bar and beer garden, the kids playground and the historic lime kiln and beautiful grounds.

Well wear lads!

Odyssey Parenting Your Teen Website

odyssey-themeWe recently built a fairly large site for Odyssey Parenting in Northern Ireland with bespoke functionality.

This site uses wordpress as a platform and has a multi user login system for administrators and trainers running Parenting Your Teen courses for the team at Odyssey.

There is an interesting process flow and a number of technologies that were used to achieve it.  Trainers apply to run the programme via the front end, which starts the process and admins then can approve trainers after vetting process.  Once approved trainers can then apply for courses for parents to attend.  Once these are approved the course is displayed via a map on the front end so that parents can apply.

The map was built using and SVG file which makes it fully responsive and interactive   the data fed to the SVG comes from the trainers database and so it generates the code on the fly to display the map.

Once a course is up and running stress level questionnaires are automatically delivered to parents before and after a course and are filled in via special links sent to them via email.

Administrators also have a full back office to explore attendance levels and improvements in stress levels amongst parents through filtering based on an array of demographics.

It was a challenging project, but we relished the challenge and produced a result that Odyssey were happy with. Here’s what Odyssey said about us…

“It has been a privilege working with Cian Foley in the design and development of our Odyssey, Parenting Your Teen website. His friendly, fast and efficient, delivering our brief was on time, within budget. From conception to completion of the website, his advice on what would work best for us was always smart and insightful. We would highly recommend working with Cian. Odyssey, Parenting Your Teen website is everything we wished for and more. The feedback from practitioners has been very positive. Cian was and is available, looked after us personally and no question went unanswered. Cian’s advice and assistance throughout the process has been invaluable. He is experienced and dedicated which has really helped us to design and implement our website quickly and effectively and designed to a superior standard, giving us the serious online presence that we needed. We will continue our excellent relationship with Cian Foley.”

– Maria Rogan, Director for Operations

McNally Denture Clinic Website Launched

mcnallyUTD Web Design has just launched the new McNally Denture Clinic Website.  McNally Denture  specialises in the on-site clinical treatment for patients who require dentures. They also supply fitted gum shields for professional sports players such as Sean O’Brien, Leinster and Ireland Rugby Star, currently taking part in the Rugby World Cup.

The site was designed around the existing brand. To really bring out the logo we placed it on the green background used in their signage, and used the dark grey and white in the theme, with a subtle paper background texture complement it.

The site has a standard layout and so should have a familiar user experience for most users on both mobile and desktop browsers. The design is responsive so resizes well to the various screen sizes it was test on.

Professional images, which were supplied to us, give the site a real lift and we utilised them in the slider on the homepage and throughout the site.

Some cool little features include the embedded facebook feed on the homepage of the site, which uses the look of the site rather than the standard facebook widget look and feel, which can look out of place on a site. On the location page we have a google map that shows some nice places to have coffee nearby in Carlow.  There is also a handy dentist referral form on the site.

The site is built using wordpress and we have installed plugins for SEO, Security, Social media, Analytics and so on, so that the site is future proofed for the client.

Here’s what the team at McNally Denture Clinic had to say about us:

“Thanks once again Cian at UTD Web Design. From the very start of our journey you listened and understood what we wanted to achieve and we are delighted with the result today! Looking forward to working with you in the future. Paul, Olivia & all at McNally Denture Clinic.

You can view the website here:

Or give McNally Denture Clinic a like on facebook here

HSMC Dungarvan Website Launched

hsmc-screenshotHigh Street Medical Centre Dungarvan or HSMC Dungarvan, are a group of doctors and nurses based in the centre of Dungarvan town.

I was approached by the team there to produce a professional website for their practice.

Provided with their logo from a compliment slip we recreated the logo and created a clear and crisp responsive web design from the colours in the logo.  Using the orange as the highlight colour and the grey for menu, footer etc.

To launch the site we liaised with their hosting providers and also provide onsite training to ensure that they had the confidence to edit the site themselves going forwards, included in this we installed an SEO plugin for the Content Management System which allows them to target keywords for specific pages on the site, a critical point of focus for any successful website.

Best of luck to Sinead, Jean and Jackie  with the new website.  Hopefully HSMC Dungarvan’s customers will find the information they are looking for quicky and easily through the website on both mobiles and desktop computers.

“Cian from UTD Web Design came on site and took our requirements from us and then using our existing branding created a very clean looking website for us.  Cian uploaded all of our initial content to the site for us and advised us in many areas including registration with search engines, copyright issues and so on.   UTD provided us with a professional, friendly, straightforward web design service and produced a very user friendly and easy to navigate website for our clients. They also provided us with a wordpress training session so that we can update the site ourselves going forward. We would have no hesitation in recommending UTD Web Design for similar work.”

– Dr. Sinead Wright MB BCh BAO MRCGP DFFP

Zero Spend on Marketing since 2008

money-for-nothingI quit a well paid, pensionable job in WIT in 2007 to start my own business.  I was a principle investigator / lead researcher on various projects in the TSSG and brought in lots of funding based on my ideas.

I left the TSSG and went on the SEEPP programme, which was ideal as it offered a level 9 qualification as well as time to develop an idea and a small grant to cover the cost of the day we spent on the course each week.  During that time I developed (which needs an overhaul), a book entitled ‘For Focal Sake‘ and a business plan to take the enterprise forward and globalise it. Sadly, I didn’t get the grant funding I required to progress my business afterwards from Enterprise Ireland even though I won the best startup at the South East Enterprise awards that year. made some money from google ads and through book sales but it wasn’t enough to sustain a family in Ireland so I had to supplement this with other work so I began contracting out my web development skills.  I had done some work previously obviously with my own projects and so I knew my way around SEO and viral marketing over facebook.  So I set up UTD Web Design and Waterford Web

What I had that maybe some others in the industry did not have is a keen insight into Search Engine Optimisation, and a process that really works.  I implemented a basic SEO plan for both websites and since then I have spent absolutely nothing on marketing and yet I am constantly getting leads through my site.  On many occasions I have turned away business.

What I did was got to the best position for my main key phrases e.g. Waterford Web Design and a many others.    I’ve also blogged on non-related topics that get people in and aware of the brand too.  Only a week ago a client told me they picked my service because I was in the top position (on the advice of  a friend).  They reckoned that if my site was being found so would theirs.

I suppose the disadvantage of not needing to advertise is that it means that I don’t engage as much as I should with local businesses at networking events etc. but I find that any spare time I have is better spent focussing on my own fitness and vitality because I need to stay fit an healthy to provide for my family for the foreseeable future, unless my next big idea really kicks off.

To be honest, I am earning comparable money to what I earned in research, but my quality of life now is 100 times better.  I am not chasing any sort of different life to what I have, I’m thankful for every moment of it, for being healthy, strong and being able to enjoy moments with friends and family every day.  I really appreciate my clients, old and new and most of them understand that if I’m not available, I’m probably up jumping into a lake in the comeraghs or lifting kettlebells or enjoying a coffee in Kilmeaden Cake Supplies or the Holy Cross, or working hard on a niggly bit of code for another client or doing my tax returns (grrrrr!).

I am so thankful.

The Coolest Site I’ve Ever Built –

Slushee Website ScreenshotWhen I was approached by Mick Daniels, the owner of, to take on the rebuilding of his slushee website, I was really excited to take on the project. Firstly, because my kids and I are partial to the odd Slushee, especially on a hot Summer’s day (bring it on).  Secondly, because it’s such a cool brand (pardon the pun), having featured is many Hollywood movies. And thirdly, because it is run by a hard working solid employer in my home city of Waterford.

Mick’s existing site was built several years ago and needed to be made mobile friendly and modernised, so we took the existing Slushee brand and built a new site around it.  We took stills from professional animations that Mick had commissioned previously to create a consistent look and feel across the site using them in the homepage slider and of course on the site’s background.

To add a little extra cool factor to the site we added an animated background snow layer, which uses standard HTML to animate a few layers of different sizes giving a parallax snow type effect.  Given the chilly nature of the product, we felt this would work well and not interfere too much with the user’s experience.

Other than that we transferred site content and added a shopping cart using Woo Commerce plugin for wordpress in order to get the site live.  The site should be a breeze for Mick to update going forward himself and is infinitely extensible with the vast array of wordpress plugins available.

I can honestly say this is the “coolest” site we at UTD Web Design have ever built LOL

Here’s what Mick Daniels, owner of ‘Slushee Chilled Out’ had to say about our service:

“I contacted Cian some time ago about revamping the site and I liked the way his imagination began throwing out ideas about how the site might look. Cian took the complication of domains and hosting and CRMs and SEOs out of the equation for me and delivered a straightforward solution for me in a timely fashion, which is what I wanted.  I would have no hesitation in recommending UTD Web Design to other businesses and I will be using Cian’s services in the near future for other websites work I need done.”

If you need a new website built, or you need an existing site made mobile friendly or revamped contact


Inspiring Excellence – Waterford Sports Psychologist Website Upgrade

Inspiring Excellence - Sports Psychologist Waterford, Ireland.I was delighted to work with Shane O’Sullivan (Waterford GAA Hurler) on upgrading his website.  As well as being a dedicated athlete, Shane is also a sports psychologist, running the Inspiring Excellence practice in Waterford, Ireland. Shane wanted to make sure his site was mobile compatible and future proofed. He also wished to add a blogging dimension to it so that  he could share his thoughts on the subject via the website and through social media effectively.  With this in mind we decided to move to the WordPress platform.

His site and brand had already been nicely designed so we simply transferred the existing design to WordPress and made sure that when it rendered on smaller screens such as tablets and mobile devices that it presented the information clearly.

Extensive use of plugins

  • We employed a responsive design with some break points for different sized screens and replaced a header that consisted of animated gifs with a more modern, re-sizable slide show type plug-in.
  • All of the sites existing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has been maintained as we mapped existing .html files to wordpress pages and posts using a redirect plug-in.
  • We also made SEO more easily manageable through use of SEO plug-in.
  • Each page is shareable on social media also now through the use of Social Media plug-in.

Just after launch, Shane has posted his first blog entry ‘,’ which is already being liked and shared on social media.

Best of luck to Shane with his new website and sport psychology career.

Shane had this to say about UTD Web Design’s service:

“UTD Web Design’s service is exceptionally professional. The attention to detail employed to the many unique facets of web design is an eye opener. UTD Web Design can explain modern technological tools in a simple and user friendly way. Consequently empowering your company with the ability to dynamically enhance all aspects of website and social media promotion. UTD web design will improve your existing website and social media potential. Any company seeking to optimise their website, social media or marketing potential should contact UTD Web Design.”

Healthcare Website Design Portfolio

healthcare website designUTD Web Design Waterford has just launched to add to its growing list of clients in the Healthcare and Wellbeing space. highlights the services of Mr. Gerry O’Donoghue, who is a Consultant Breast Cancer Surgeon with special interest in Breast Cancer Surgery based in Waterford Regional Hospital and adds to the growing list of healthcare website design in our portfolio.

Here’s what Mr. O’Donoghue had to say about our service:

“Cian listened to all my requirements and gave me sound advice with regards to building my new website. I would have no hesitation recommending UTD Web Design and will be using his services for future development of University Hospital Waterford breast service site.”

Previous web sites that we have developed in the field of health care include:

We have a number of other sites in the health care space currently under development also.  Feel free to contact us if you need to discuss professional website design and development for your health care business.