Clustered Web Hosting Solution

I’ve worked with several hosting companies in Ireland and the UK and none have impressed me as much as TSO Host to date.

clustered web hosting solution

If you want to work with an Irish company then I have great time for Blacknight.  But if you’re looking for a shared hosting solution that is scalable, fast and has a well thought out hosting control panel then I would definitely recommend TSO’s clustered hosting package at £19.99 per month (or £199.99 per year).

The advantages:

  1. Shared hosting price, but when you need performance it can handle significant traffic.
  2. The control panel allows you to create individual hosting accounts for each website you have, this is advantageous because when you’re updating a site through FTP there is no danger of overwriting other files. It also allows you to give out ftp details to clients without any fiddly configuration.
  3. A temorary domain is created for each website.  This has been excellent for me, some scripts rely of absolute paths and on some shared hosting accounts the root path is a few directories down from the domain, with tso, your temporary domain root is the same as if the site were live.
  4. Automatic database back ups.  This for me is really handy. If you create a database, TSO will automatically dump backups into a backup folder for you.
  5. You can resell hosting.  For webmasters this is a great feature allowing you to create sub accounts off the main hosting account.

There’s also a nifty affiliate programme too whereby anyone with a website can add a banner such as the following and earn a commission, like so 😉

clustered web hosting solution

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