Copper Coast not Wild Enough for Failte Ireland


The copper coast, not wild enough to be included in Failte Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way.

Most days there are facepalm moments, but some days facepalming really really hurts.  I just listened to an radio interview/debate on the Derek Mooney show between Paul Flynn (owner and chef at the award winning, Tannery Restaurant, Dungarvan) and Paul Keely (Director of Enterprise Development, Failte Ireland).

At 14.45 in the following radio interview my hand began to move towards my face inevitably like the cylindrical space ship in Star Trek The Voyage Home heading towards Earth because the whales are extinct and won’t answer the ominous querying monolith.  Then at 15.01 Mr. Keely says the following about the Copper Coast (designated a European Geopark), “but it’s not wild… from our perspective” and bang I fell off the chair with the incredible force of the palm hitting my face.  “Our perspective,” in this instance, is the perspective of Failte Ireland, the national tourism development authority of Ireland.

Fáilte Ireland is the National Tourism Development Authority – See more at:

Well Mr. Keely, I beg to differ.  The following YouTube video was taken in Tramore bay last winter.

I believe this fulfills your definition of wild in full and therefore I expect to see Waterford included on the Wild Atlantic Way early next week.

Thanking you.

One thought on “Copper Coast not Wild Enough for Failte Ireland

  1. Ger

    Travelled coast road dungarvan to tramore on Saturday last. It was stunning, we frequently stopped to view the majesty of it all. We had kayaked in June on a calm day but Saturday was so different, wild and beautiful. Bord Failte need to get out more and see it for themselves.


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