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The following text appeared at the end of ‘The Deise Dictionary of Waterford Slang’ which was published nearly 8 years ago now:

reginalds-tower (Custom)Waterford is a fantastic county in South East Ireland with an amazing history, spectacular scenery, and a unique  culture. Waterford’s history spans many thousands of years, Waterford City being Ireland’s oldest city and Old Parish near the beautiful Ardmore being the oldest Christian parish in the country, pre-dating even St. Patrick. There are Castles, Historic Buildings, Dolmens, and Ogham stones dotted around the county also. Some historic characters of note are: TF Meagher, one of the nine fine Irishmen, who conceived and first raised the Irish flag in Waterford; Robert Boyle, internationally known as the father of chemistry; Luke Wadding, who set up St. Patrick’s day as a feast day; and Edmund Rice, founder of the Christian Brothers. There are simply too many to mention here.

Waterford also boasts some spectacular scenery such as: the world class Corrie lakes in the Comeragh mountains (Coumshingaun and Crotty’s lake); the Towers loop walk in Ballysaggartmore (a totally magical experience); 40+ beaches on its 70 mile, geologically unique, copper coast line; and some amazing walks through woods and marshes. It has to be experienced to be believed!

Finally, it has a unique culture where people are always up for a bit of craic (joking about). They speak their own language, as is evident by the slang in this book. It also boasts a unique cuisine in the form of Blaas, Goody, Dilisk and Crubeens for example.  All in all, Waterford is an amazing place to live and the quality of life here is just fantastic boy.

Some Waterford Facts:

  • Waterford City is Ireland’s Oldest City
  • Old Parish near Ardmore is Ireland’s oldest Christian parish, dating back to before St. Patrick’s time.  It is located near Ardmore, which is the site of a beautiful round tower in a magnificent setting with breathtaking coastal views.
  • The Christian Brothers’ were founded in Waterford by Blessed Edmund Ignatius Rice in 1802
  • Waterford city is the only city where the Protestant and Catholic Cathedrals were built by the same man, John Roberts. The Roman Catholic Cathedral is the oldest in Ireland
  • The Irish Flag was flown for the very first time in Waterford City on the 7th of March 1848 at 33 the Mall and was conceived by Waterford and Irish legend, TF Meagher.
  • Waterford has had many names, Vadre Fjord, Port Láirge, Cuan-na-Grian, Glean-na-nGleodh, Urbs Intacta, Decies, Déise
  • Reginald’s Tower is the oldest urban medieval monument in Ireland and is one of 6 towers still standing in Waterford as part of the old city walls after 1000 years
  • The phrase By Hook or By Crooke originated here from the place names Hook and Crooke when Cromwell vowed that his armies would take Waterford ‘by Hook or by Crooke‘. He never did.
  • The first Governor of New Zealand was Waterford born William Hobson
  • Born and reared in Lismore Castle, Co. Waterford, Robert Boyle is hailed as the Father of Chemistry and is most famous for Boyle’s Law
  • ETS Walton was the first man to split the atom and the only Irish man to win the Nobel Prize for Science!
  • The bacon curing process (bacon / rashers) was invented in Waterford
  • Waterford has approximately 40 beautiful beaches dotted along its beautiful copper coast. The copper coast is geologically unique, with spectacular views and points of interest such as the pipes of baidhb and the old copper mines.
  • The Most significant Viking find in recent times was discovered in Woodstown along the river Suir, it has been called the Pompeii of Europe and is of major international significance
  • There are Dolmens, Megalithic tombs, Cairns, Ogham Stones, standing stones and ruins all around the county
  • William Vincent Wallace probably the greatest opera composer and organist the country has ever produced (his works include, Maritana, the opera).
  • The Metal Man is a unique point of interest on Newtown head, West of Tramore Bay (which is one of the finest beaches in the country)
  • It is one of only 5 counties in Ireland with a Gaeltacht, An Rinn or Ring, with around 1000 native Irish speakers.  It is a very beautiful part of the county.
  • There are some impressive remains of monasteries in the City, once called “Little Rome” due to the sheer number of churches and monasteries etc.
  • Towers of Ballysaggartmore, West of Lismore, is a magical site with a beautiful woodland walk, suitable for family excursions.  The gates of grandeur and the entrance gate were built before they ran out of money. If you visit make sure you search for the Waterfall.
  • Dromana Gate, stands along the Villierstown-Cappoquinn road. It is the only Hindu-gothic building in Ireland
  • Mt. Mellary is an impressive monastery in a beautiful setting on the Vee drive.
  • Sean Kelly, a cyclist from Rathgormack, County Waterford, is ranked in the top 10 cyclists of all time.  He is in good company with other famous Waterford sports people such as Percy Kirwan, John Treacy, Jim Beglin, Paddy Coad, Alfie Hale, John O’Shea, John Keane and Philly Grimes.
  • Coumshingaun, a corrie lake in the Comeragh mountains, is said to be the finest glacial lake in Europe.
  • Many international businesses started in Waterford, including Ryan Air, Jacobs biscuits and Grubb telescopes.
  • Luke Wadding, a Friar from Greyfriars of Waterford, set up St. Patrick’s day.

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