FREE SEO Test For Your Website

If you want to evaluate whether a webpage on your site is optimised for the main keywords customers are using to search for your products or service, we created a handy little tool for you to try here: Free SEO Analysis Tool

Basically what it does is searches for the keywords you specify within the areas of your page that Googles evaluates content too such as title, headings, images, meta description and so on.  It then generates an indicative score based on this evaluation.

Embedding the keywords people are searching for is critical to the success of your site.  By not having the keywords people are searching for on your site means that Google has little or no way of matching your site with a search phrase.

It is worth noting here that there are other factors too in SEO terms that can affect your site’s position on the results page including:

  1. Competition
  2. Back links to your site
  3. Trust
  4. Social networking likes
  5. Age of your site
  6. Overall quality of your site content
  7. Your site’s link structure

This tool is intended as an initial evaluation tool for a single page on your site and is no substitution for a full in-depth SEO analysis.

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