How to Extract a single page from a PDF

I had a task of splitting a pdf into single pages lately…

I purchased tickets for an event and needed to sell one so I had to extract a single page and forward that to the buyer… but there are many reasons why you’d want to do this.

There are lots of pdf editors out there but the task is far simpler than installing new software that you have to learn.  A much simpler way is to install a pdf printer driver and print part of the file to a new pdf.

If you set up a pdf printer driver such as cute pdf writer, which is free… there are others too so select the one you prefer, a printer driver gets installed so all you have to do then is

  1. open the original pdf
  2. click print
  3. select the pdf printer
  4. choose the page or page range you wish to print using the standard print interface
  5. click print

The file will then be saved with the pages you selected to a pdf at a location you specify.

Happy printing.


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