Look Down it’s OK!

I saw a video on YouTube called ‘Look Up’.  Some guy reciting a poem about how we should stop looking down at the screen or we’ll miss all the great moments in life.

I don’t think we will.

Yes, the message to look up every now and again is a good one but most people have sense enough to instinctively know this.  Especially crossing the road or while eating in someone’s company etc. However, if you’re on a subway or eating lunch while on a business trip, feel free to check out your facebook feed or your newspaper, or buy something on ebay.  If you’re relaxing in the evening, play a game instead of watching a tv programme, that’s fine too, check out a cool video on youtube or solve a puzzle.  Why not.  But don’t do it while you’re bouncing on your trampoline or out on your bike, or doing chin ups, or visiting grandma and eating her tarts.

Not a good idea.

If you’re waiting for your mates to come into a pub or want to show them a picture of you acting the maggot, look down, if you are dancing and eyeing up a member of the opposite sex, look up. If you are in a parking lot, searching for an address, look down, if you are driving, look the f*ck up. Simples.

My point is, most of us have a bit of common sense and aren’t complete morons, and we don’t need to be pontificated to by a gobshite who wants a bit of attention.  It’s worse than that though, through this video, 35 million people have looked down.  Does anyone see the irony here.  35 million people wasted 5 minutes looking down.  That equates to 332 years of lost time.  I mean you could have used this time give some babe the puppy eyes, you could be in the hospital hugging your dying grandma, or how aboout throwing a stick for a couped up dog or even giving de missus a belt of the old relic.

Oh, and it wasn’t so great in the old days either.  People used to ignore people in other ways, like a huge big broadsheet newspaper, or up in the toilet with a well used copy of playboy, knitting, playing cards or watching Bosco on RTE1.    Kids were bored a lot more often and use to play with small metal cars in dirt or getting stung by nettles catching ladybirds and bees.  Boy would I have loved an ipad back then.  I might not have gotten those warts on my hands.

So my advice is turn off videos like this after 10 seconds before you waste any more time listening to drivel, but if you’re entertained by something or learn something, or challenge your mind or are communicating with a friend 6000 miles away, or chatting up someone, go for it. You see sometimes it’s good to look down, for work, rest or play. Do your own thing, use your own concience to guide you and listen to it.  If it guides you in the wrong direction, or you don’t listen to it…

… Darwin will take care of the rest.

Ps. If you stopped reading this halfway through, good on ya!

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