Making Money from Google Ads

I know it is easier said than done but there are some steps you can take to make significant earnings from the Google Ads system known as Google Adsense.

Advertisers who pay money for click throughs Google adwords are happy to pay you (via Google Adsense) if your site directs relevant traffic to theirs. So why not take advantage of this.

Firstly, what you need to do is create a site that will receive heavy visitor traffic for a given niche.  You can do this by identifying search topics for which there are relatively few websites returned by the search engine.

This alone isn’t enough however, as the search topic has to be one that advertisers are interested in advertising on e.g. a website about shoe lace ends (otherwise known as aglets, did you know that?) might not have as much advertising potential as hotels for example.

So, with that in mind open up the google keyword tool to find out what people are searching for now (

Enter in a search term in the box and take a look at the results. The green bar on the left shows you what the advertiser competition is like for related search terms.  This is important to show you how many people are paying for ads. The greener the better from your perspective.

The next thing you need to look at is the monthly search volumes for the search terms… the higher the better!

Finally you need to do a standard search on google for those search terms to see if there are huge numbers of websites with that exact key phrase.

If the number is relatively low (in the thousands) and the results back don’t show an exact match in the heading and description you could be on to a winner.

To convert this new knowledge into money, you need to create a site to cater for this niche.

Try and get a domain name with this keyphrase in it… also think about whether or not someone might buy this domain off you at a  later date as you may be able to sell it on later even if you don’t make a success out of it with google ads.

Once the site is created and up and running use our SEO article to make sure the content is right.  Once that’s done you must get the site indexed by search engines. Again follow the instructions in the SEO article and submit the site to directories, blogs, boards and other social media sites and install analytics on the site so you can track your traffic.

Finally, add google adsense code to your site and if you’ve done everything right the cheques should start rolling in.

Repeat this process indefinitely!

OK, the above is a little over simplistic but it does work.

Your earnings are a function of your site traffic, the number of click throughs of your ads and how much an advertiser is willing to pay for these clicks (as shown by the keyword tool).

Get these parameters right and you will make money from Google Ads.

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