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When Liz Murphy of Manage Your Customer contacted me about a website I was excited to get involved in the project.  She had a concept for a logo in mind using cog wheels as Cutomer Relationship Management is a process of actions like cog wheels in a gear system.

Manage Your Customer - Customer Relationship ManagementI took the idea and noticed the letters CRM appeared in the company name. Manage Your Customer.  In order to work this into the logo I wrapped the three letters with cogs and used arrows to show the motion of the cogs so that people would read CRM in the logo itself. The font used is called Rockwell, which is modern and impactful.

When building the site I suggested wordpress to Liz because it is future proof, it has an easy to manage back office, it has a blog facility built in, it is mobile friendly and facilitates plugins for lots of different purposes.  It is also search engine friendly (friendly urls, headings, content etc.), which was important to Liz.

I had an idea to bring the cog motif through to the site.  I wanted to keep the site clean and straight forward so I went for an overall white, clean look to make the logo stand out, and I took the cog motif and introduced to the background and wrote some cool javascript code to have moving cogs on the right hand side of the site on larger screens.  Getting the cogs to move synchronously with the page, which I put notches and grooves on, was a little tricky as I had to modify the speed of rotation based on scroll position.  A bit of trial and error (succeed) and I feel the end result ads a nice subtle touch to the website.

Manage Your Customer Screen Shot

Best of luck Liz with your new website.  I hope it gives a great first impression to your new clients.

Take a look at the site here: View Manage Your Customer Website



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