Mise Eile Website Development

Our latest website is custom illustrated design capturing the individuality of teenagers. Mise Eile is about the wellbeing of young adults as they go through their teenage years. UTD Web Design also created Mise Eile logo based on the celtic 3 spiral theme (inspired by carvings at newgrange).

The Techie Stuff

In order to allow the site to flow vertically we had to use a CSS3 property to allow the vertical frame to stretch.  We would not normally scale an image beyond its natural aspect ratio, however because of the purpose of the design and the fact that the frame stretches within an allowable range it does not affect the quality of the overall effect. It works in IE9, Firefox, Chrome and Safari and most mobile browsers.  In IE8 and previous versions the background does not stretch but it repeats, it’s not seamless but it degrades reasonably gracefully.

The inner boxes use a repeating vertical pattern and we use CSS to style h1 & h2 for the scrolls across the top of each section so that we are not compromising SEO by using images instead of text. The beauty of this approach is that attractive content can be put together consistently and quickly using the CMS.

The image on/offs in the top menu also utilise dynamic position of background image based on CSS hover event, however anchor text is also present but offset to an invisible area so that again we do not lose important SEO kudos.

Best of luck to our client, Catherine McConigley, with her new project Mise Eile (visit http://www.miseeile.ie). We’re delighted with the end result of this project and hope you like it too.

Here’s what Catherine McConigley had to say about us:

“I experienced the service at Utd Web design to be very professional. Cian was at all times open and willing to explore and develop the site, I gave him my brief and he delivered which made the development of the web site so much easier for me. I would highly recommend Utd Web Design. Catherine.”

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