Mobile Website Development

layoutDid you know that more than 40% of site traffic now comes from mobile devices? 

On one of our busiest sites we have tracked usage statistics and this trend has been growing steadily and is continuing to grow.  There’s never been a better time to get you site working well for mobile phones, 7 inch tablets etc.

If you’re designing a new website you should certainly consider making it usable on mobile phones using a responsive design, or alternatively create a separate mobile website (adaptive design) with features conducive to mobile usage.

smartphoneIf you already have a website that is difficult to use from a mobile phone, links are hard to click or design has gone crazy and text is impossible to read you should consider a mobile website to complement your existing desktop website.

In either case we can help you.

You have essentially 2 options with mobile web development:tablet

  1. You can redo your entire site so that it works equally as well on mobile as desktop
  2. You can redirect mobile users to a custom mobile website (maybe even with cut down features)

We have experience with both options and can deliver a fantastic addition to your existing desktop site and it won’t break the bank.  We can build custom html5 website for you or use standard APIs to build your mobile website using jUery mobile and other technologies to create menus, galleries, present content etc.

Contact us today to find out more about our mobile website development service.