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odyssey-themeWe recently built a fairly large site for Odyssey Parenting in Northern Ireland with bespoke functionality.

This site uses wordpress as a platform and has a multi user login system for administrators and trainers running Parenting Your Teen courses for the team at Odyssey.

There is an interesting process flow and a number of technologies that were used to achieve it.  Trainers apply to run the programme via the front end, which starts the process and admins then can approve trainers after vetting process.  Once approved trainers can then apply for courses for parents to attend.  Once these are approved the course is displayed via a map on the front end so that parents can apply.

The map was built using and SVG file which makes it fully responsive and interactive http://www.odysseyparenting.org/for-parents/find-a-programme/   the data fed to the SVG comes from the trainers database and so it generates the code on the fly to display the map.

Once a course is up and running stress level questionnaires are automatically delivered to parents before and after a course and are filled in via special links sent to them via email.

Administrators also have a full back office to explore attendance levels and improvements in stress levels amongst parents through filtering based on an array of demographics.

It was a challenging project, but we relished the challenge and produced a result that Odyssey were happy with. Here’s what Odyssey said about us…

“It has been a privilege working with Cian Foley in the design and development of our Odyssey, Parenting Your Teen website. His friendly, fast and efficient, delivering our brief was on time, within budget. From conception to completion of the website, his advice on what would work best for us was always smart and insightful. We would highly recommend working with Cian. Odyssey, Parenting Your Teen website is everything we wished for and more. The feedback from practitioners has been very positive. Cian was and is available, looked after us personally and no question went unanswered. Cian’s advice and assistance throughout the process has been invaluable. He is experienced and dedicated which has really helped us to design and implement our website quickly and effectively and designed to a superior standard, giving us the serious online presence that we needed. We will continue our excellent relationship with Cian Foley.”

– Maria Rogan, Director for Operations

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