Photobooth Hire in Ireland – SEO Testimonial

Primetime Leisure specialises in photobooth hire for weddings and other events in Ireland and until recently was way down the search engine results page.

I met with Primetime for a coffee and it turns out that there wasn’t much wrong with the site except that it wasn’t targetting the right keywords.

We spent some time identifying the right keywords for the maximum results and went about editing some target pages to incorporate these phrases.  I suggested some other things they could do to their site and regarding link building and at the time of writing Primetime Leisure is now in 5th position on page 1 for their major search term.  We also improved their keyword targetting within Google Adwords during the session.

Primetime contacted me thanking me for the help which is really positive feedback:

Just want to say thank-you for the help in getting my website on the pages of google. When we started if you put up ‘photobooth’ you couldn’t find me no matter how far back through the pages you went.

Since we met, my web site is steadily climbing up the results page. Something I honestly didn’t think was possible.

Once again thanks Cian for the help.”

Robert Nutt – Primetime Leisure

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