SEO Waterford, Ireland

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)A company can have the best website in the world but without good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) the investment will not generate the returns that it otherwise could.  A good analogy of a site without SEO is like getting thousands of flyers printed and just leaving them in the boxes at the printers.  Obviously you will get no business from that approach so you need to get your site listing well on Google as a priority..

Are we any good?

Besides helping various clients, you might just do a search for ‘Waterford Web Design’ and find out how good we are.  Obviously this term is sought after by every other web agency in the Waterford area, and there are quite a few, most of which have put some effort into their SEO.  So for SEO Waterford, we think we are doing pretty well.

It takes time and effort but once you get to the top watch the business leads roll in. Cian from UTD Web Design has over 10 years experience with Search Engine Optimisation and we can assist you in getting your pages ranking better on Google and other search engines in various ways including

  1. Keyword research:  Every page on your site is an opportunity to get new customers so keywords need to be selected carefully on a page by page basis.  We can do the research for you or show you how to do it during a training session. We can analyse your competitors websites to see what they are doing right and you can use this intelligence to improve your own website.
  2. Keyword embedding: Once you’ve done your research it’s time to place the keywords strategically within your site without destroying the flow of your text. With our Search Engine Optimisation experience we can ensure that this is done with subtlety and effectively.
  3. Links: Your own site structure is critical, ensuring all pages are linked with correct link anchors and the most important pages are highlighted through the quality of internal links.  You also need to get quality external links back to your site. We can help with both.
  4. Social Media: Often you can get some SEO boosts through good use of social media. We can assist with this.
  5. Sitemaps and SEO tools:  Often websites do not have human readable and XML sitemaps, we can ensure that these are in place and registered correctly with Google’s webmaster tools. You may also have a .com domain but be targetting non-specific countries we can ensure you set your target country.
  6. Domain and Page names:  A domain name can be important for SEO, but what is more important is that page names have the correct ‘slug’ made up of relevant keywords. We can advise on this.
  7. Analytics: There’s no point in making SEO changes without having a baseline, we will ensure analytics is installed and that you track and measure your improvements effectively.
  8. Competitor analysis: We can analyse your competitors websites and find out what your competitors are doing and advise how to do it better.
  9. Training & Report:  If you are a new customer of UTD we recommend that you get a full site review before hiring us (or another company) to improve your SEO.  From the report you may decide that you can fix the problems yourselves. We actively encourage DIY SEO as nobody knows your business or customers like you do. The report consists of the following and we will provide a 2 hour session to go through the report and explore the best solutions for your business: