Search Engine Optimisation Training (SEO Training)

SEO Training WaterfordWe offer 2 types of training.  Practical 1 on 1 sessions where we sit with you and go through the 8 step SEO strategy outlined below with you, or we can deliver a presentation to a group in a classroom type environment.

We have delivered the latter to local businesses via the Enterprise board in Waterford and via private sessions.  Contact for information on the next session.

Option 1 – Custom SEO Report and Strategy Doc

We perform and SEO audit/analyis of your site  and then come on site and take you through the various steps necessary to improve and track SEO improvements to your website.

Option 2 – Group SEO Training Session

We deliver a 3 hour presentation on site or at a venue in a classroom type setting and take you through 8 steps involved in Search Engine Optimisation for your website.  We take you through SEO in a practical, sleeves rolled up, type session to show you how to evaluate trends, find a keyword list, popularise your site etc. through the use of the best of breed online tools available.

SEO Training Session Outline

  • Step 1: Find Your Keywords – build your desired focus keyword list
  • Step 2: Plan Your Site content – plan and create content with your keyword list in mind
  • Step 3: Get your Metadata right  – ensure you have all the meta data for correct sharing on social media and the optimum synopsis of your site on google’s search engine results page
  • Step 4: Choosing the right technology – choosing a CMS technology that makes all of the above easy
  • Step 5: Link Building – how to popularise your site and get the right back links
  • Step 6: Get Social – using social media to your advantage
  • Step 7: Get Blogging  – the right way to blog to get you social media viral hits and long term seo gains
  • Step 8: Analyse and Improve – tips on how to analyse your traffic and measure improvements

Contact to express an interest in when we are running this session next.

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