Search Engine Site Explorer

We’ve created a new tool for small businesses and individuals with sites < 50 pages to check their sites for common SEO mistakes.

Please find the SEO Site Explorer Tool Here:

Simply enter your websites URL in the box provided and our tool will scan your site and report back detailing your page title, meta description, h1 tags.  It will tell you if there are repeated titles (a big no no) and meta tags, and whether any of the titles exceed the recommended lengths specified by the W3C and Google.

Another handy feature is the fact that it shows all inbound links to these pages and the anchor text shown on them which is another important SEO fact.

If you have a content management system you should be able to make these changes and re-run the tool again to verify that your site has been updated.

Please note that we do not accept responsibility for any changes you make to your site based on the recommendations of this tool. It is a guide only but at the very least it will give you a snapshot of your site as it currently stands and will highlight potential areas for improvement.

Feedback very welcome.

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