SEO Competitor Analysis

Have you ever wondered what your competitors are doing to get so highly ranked on Google?

In the vast majority of cases, they simple have their content right, which includes:

  1. The correct selection of keywords
  2. The correct keyword density (how often phrases are used)
  3. The right amount of content

UTD Web Design has create unique SEO Competitor Analysis software that allows us to analyse your competitors sites and tell you:

  1. The top list of SEO keywords they use across their entire site
  2. Per page analysis to see the top SEO phrases used per page
  3. Keyword density of all phrases as a function of overall content

We also provide a page by page analysis of their site to show you what they’re doing well and what you can do better.

Prices start at €250 for sites of up to 250 pages.

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Please note, in some cases, it may not be possible to scan a competitors site, in which case we will not charge you.

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