SEO Works: UTD Web Design Ireland on Page 1 for Search Term ‘Web Design Ireland’

Just a quick blog to demonstrate that when you practice what you preach good things happen.  As of today UTD Web Design Ireland is on page one of search results page for the search term Web Design Ireland. OK it’s in 10th position, but when you consider that UTD Web Design is only registered since February 2009 this is a very good result given that this term would be highly sought after with 42,100,000 other results for the that key phrase.

web design ireland

UTD Web Design Ireland in Google's Top 10 Results

In order to achieve this I simply ensured that my content was simplified so that spiders can traverse it easily and got some high quality links back to the site.  Hopefully, as time passes I will further climb the top 10 results based on a continued sensible approach to SEO.

The basics of SEO are so important as outlined in my SEO Simplified blog entry.

Some of my other sites that have done quite well out of SEO are (search for ‘irish slang’) and (search for ‘waterford discussion’).

If you need assistance with your SEO, don’t hesitate to contact me at and we can put in place an SEO plan for your business.

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