Social Media Integration

We are social media integration experts and have managed the integration of social media into many of our client’s websites. From like buttons to twitter feeds, we take the confusion out of it for you.

Buttons Buttons and more Buttons…

You’ve seen the facebook like button all over the internet but did you know that when people click like now, their subscribers rarely see it, these days people are more likely to see what their friends like through their sharing of content.  We can add facebook likes, shares, twitter tweets, google +, pinterest, linked in and any other social media button to your website pages and also add the correct open graph tags to your site so that when they like or share, the correct image, text etc. is published to their page.

We can integrate with your homepage or if you have multiple pages with an individual ‘likeability’ factor we can add the buttons to individual pages too.  One of our clients sites has 12K likes on a single page on their website giving it great SEO and also exceptional virality.  You see, every single page on your site has the potential to go viral via the power of social sharing.

Integrating Social Media News Feeds

We can also integrate news feeds from facebook and twitter within your website in widget form or as an entire page on your site, this can be very useful to keep your site looking fresh and up to date, (once you keep your social media site fresh and up to date that is).

Bespoke integration

We have also experience with Facebook’s API if you require something different such as facebook login for your site, gathering statistics from your users etc. automatic posting to timelines based on posts to your site etc. etc.