Inspiring Excellence – Waterford Sports Psychologist Website Upgrade

Inspiring Excellence - Sports Psychologist Waterford, Ireland.I was delighted to work with Shane O’Sullivan (Waterford GAA Hurler) on upgrading his website.  As well as being a dedicated athlete, Shane is also a sports psychologist, running the Inspiring Excellence practice in Waterford, Ireland. Shane wanted to make sure his site was mobile compatible and future proofed. He also wished to add a blogging dimension to it so that  he could share his thoughts on the subject via the website and through social media effectively.  With this in mind we decided to move to the WordPress platform.

His site and brand had already been nicely designed so we simply transferred the existing design to WordPress and made sure that when it rendered on smaller screens such as tablets and mobile devices that it presented the information clearly.

Extensive use of plugins

  • We employed a responsive design with some break points for different sized screens and replaced a header that consisted of animated gifs with a more modern, re-sizable slide show type plug-in.
  • All of the sites existing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has been maintained as we mapped existing .html files to wordpress pages and posts using a redirect plug-in.
  • We also made SEO more easily manageable through use of SEO plug-in.
  • Each page is shareable on social media also now through the use of Social Media plug-in.

Just after launch, Shane has posted his first blog entry ‘,’ which is already being liked and shared on social media.

Best of luck to Shane with his new website and sport psychology career.

Shane had this to say about UTD Web Design’s service:

“UTD Web Design’s service is exceptionally professional. The attention to detail employed to the many unique facets of web design is an eye opener. UTD Web Design can explain modern technological tools in a simple and user friendly way. Consequently empowering your company with the ability to dynamically enhance all aspects of website and social media promotion. UTD web design will improve your existing website and social media potential. Any company seeking to optimise their website, social media or marketing potential should contact UTD Web Design.”

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