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Should I add a Facebook like button to my website?

Short answer: Err… Yeah!

Adding a facebook like button could be the single best thing you do to your website this year. There are hundreds of millions of people using facebook today, and over 1.5 million active Facebook users in Ireland, hundreds of thousands using the mobile version on iPhones and Android based phones.

It’s a relatively simple thing to add to a site, you can add it to your homepage or to every page on your site depending on the content management system used.

Once you’ve added it, end users can like or recommend your page, which means that your page will appear on their facebook profile and can even appear on their friends’ walls.  This is a truly viral way of spreading the word about a web page.

The beauty of it is that if a page is likable, it will naturally spread. On slang.ie I added the like button to all slang entries and some entries have received 10s of thousands of likes and shares, significantly increasing traffic to the site.

I recently added a facebook like button to http://www.hartleypeople.com and it has already received many likes from the local community.

A facebook like button should not be confused with a like box.  A like button is a small button that appears  somewhere on a webpage that allows logged in facebook users to like a page. It will also show how many others like that page too.  A facebook like box however shows facebook posts embedded on a webpage.  On the Hartley People site you will see a facebook like button on the top of the content on the home page and on the bottom right you will see a like box.