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What’s the difference between a Facebook User, Page and Group

When I meet a client and they ask me ‘Can I have more than 5000 friends on Facebook?’ it’s horrible to see the look on their faces when I say no to them.

With Facebook if you are likely to reach more than 5000 people you need to set up a page or group.

If you want to promote something that potentially has lots of ‘fans’ or more accurately ‘likes’ then you need to set up a page.  Some good examples here are products, companies, causes, celebrities etc.

The down site with pages is that you cannot message all your subscribers directly.  In order to reach them you must post interesting content that others will like and interact with.  The more interactions the more people will see it.  Should the post be deemed interesting by facebook it will appear on subscribers walls.

With a Groups, you  can message all of your contacts.  With a regular user account you must select members individually to message.  With groups you can message everyone, which is very useful. Groups are very useful for committees and clubs that need to message the entire group through email. Groups are also useful for inviting people to events.

Essentially, everyone needs a personal facebook user account as their control centre.  You can then set up multiple facebook pages and groups depending on your requirements.

My advice is set up a page for your subscribers unless you have the specific requirement to message all of your members on a regular basis.