Top 10 Things every Waterford lack should have

To follow up on our top 10 things every Waterford man should have we thought we’d do one for de lacks (remember this isn’t an offensive term, it is one of endearment and affection) too… so here goes nahin girl:


Some wan with a gogo in her gob. Shaved oxters too!

1. Go-gos:  You need to tie yer gruaig (gaelic for hair) back you need an oul gogo.  Nothing like a gogo to give you that instant face lift look. To be absolutely honest I love girls with their hair tied back… ok I’ll move on before I start drooling on meself.

2, Ritz:  Ah the old classic, a daycent Waterford yungfella might order himself a large bottle off the shelf for himself but if he really cares about his lady companion, he’ll say “anna Ritz for the lack!”  The mighty perry made by Bulmers from Pears..

3. Baaaiiieeeeg / Hambaaiieeg: Yungwans are always carrying baaaieeegs and hambaaaiieeeegs around to put tings like shoppin and gogos in.

tea4, Cuppa tay / Mug of scald:  After a hard days shopping in towen, there’s nahin like an oul natter along with a cuppa tay to wash down a cream bun, vanilla slice or a lump of chester bread.

5. Snot rag: Women are emooooshional creatures so it’s important to have a snot rag at the ready to wipe up them tears and maybe the oul accompaning watery nose. Throw it in the hambaaaaiieeeeeeeeeeg sher.

6. Fake nails: OK these are not specific to Waterford but you never know when you might need them to scrawb de face off of someone.  Maybe it’s a yungfella trying to stawl you or anudder yungwan who you want to get out of yer face. Nothing will deter someone quicker than the threat of being scrawbed.

7. Diddies and Gowls:  OK this is slightly rude but in order to be a lack you need to have these, Let’s say no more on the matter. Let the reader understand.

Old Irish Coins Isolated on White

A few bob

8. Diddly:  Come christmas havin the diddly can be a major advantage.  Throw in a few bob into the diddly club every week and by Christmas you’ll have plenty of bob and not be on the slate.

9. Press:  If you have a house you need a press to put your tay cups in.  In the winter a hot press is really handy.

10. Shaved Oxters:  Waterford lacks are well groomed and are always getting dolled up to the nines so it’s important that the oxters are clear of any unsightly hair.  Shaving/Waxing of other regions are good also to avoid the dreaded wilnot.

So there you have it.  If I’ve offended anyone you  can go ask yer mudder (about all of the above BMHL – bust me hole heart laughing).

reg-blue-with-text-and-graphics (Medium) (2)For more Waterford slang check out The Deise Dictionaries of Waterford Slang, available in the Book Centre or contact for more information.


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