Transferring a .ie domain from one hosting provider to another

Transferring a .ie domain is not as simple as a .com, however you can transfer a .ie domain without involving the web design company that registered it for you.

Generally with .ie domains you need to send in a scanned letter (on company headed paper) to the IEDR (IE Domain Registry) telling them that you want to transfer the domain to a new domain registrar. In order to do this you must be the original domain administrator (which the previous web design company you used should have set). If this person is not working at your company any more you can simply state this in the letter and specify a new administrative contact.

Domain transfer can be a little tricky and generally takes a few days to do, so if you want to do this make sure you give yourself plenty of time. It can take longer and more consideration if you have lots of email addresses that you need to transfer also.

Just take your time and be careful and get professional advice if you are not sure.

UTD Web Design Ireland provides such as service so don’t hesitate to contact them if you need assistance.

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