Transferring contacts from iPhone to Samsung S4

921422_10201108552533527_1244570365_oI was wondering how I was going to go about transferring my contacts from my iphone 5 to my new Galaxy S4 doing this and turns out it’s really simple.

Here are the steps:

  1. Download Bump on iPhone from the App Store (it’s free)
  2. Download Bump on Galaxy S4 from the Google Play Store (it’s free too)
  3. Configure and enable on both devices it’s pretty simple to set up
  4. Swipe the screen a few times on the iPhone until you get to the contacts screen
  5. Select all contacts and then bump the 2 phones together
  6. They should connect and then the contacts will transfer to your shiny new S4

I’ve only had the S4 a few days and I am very impressed.  I changed from the iPhone 5 because there was no real innovation over the iPhone 4/4s except to make the screen a bit bigger…

The Samsung S4 on the other hand has a much bigger screen, the camera is amazing and the new gestures and eye monitoring stuff is very cool.  I’m glad I have switched across as as techie they’re a much more liberating device given you can access the filesystem directly, a simple thing that means so much, and add a bit more memory if you need it.

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