Waterford Harvest Festival Food Menu

rasher-blaaThis Waterford Food Menu appeared in the Deise Dictionary Two (Tew), which I published back in 2007. It’s hard to believe it was 8 years ago now, with the first book being almost 10 years old!

I thought it would be apt to post it given the Waterford Harvest Festival has just come and gone over the weekend…

The image shows a common rasher blaa, which is of course a truly Waterford invention, with the modern curing process and hence the rasher having been patented here by Denny when they were based here.  Throw in an oul sausage, a black puddin, maybe an egg and some red sauce and you’ll be on de ball.

Below are some of the more traditional Waterford culinary delights on offer in the Déise…

A Déise Menu

Red Lead Blaa (the classic)
Dillix (dilisk) & Butthur Sangwich (mmm salty)
Blaa Butty with Lettuce and Salad Crayme
Denny Rashers on Jacob’s Crackers (both invented in Waterford)
Scallops (Sliced spuds battered and deep fried… soooo good)
Packet of Tay-ho in a Blaa (A full on Meath/Waterford taste explosion)

~Main Courses~
Skirt & Kidney Stew
Crubeens (Pigs Trotters) with Ghrribs & Tails
Offal Stew (Chucks, Back & Loin Bones, Puzzlers etc.)
Tripe with milk & ungins
Cappoquin Chicken Blaanini

(All served with poppies and slouhcawn)

Goody (on a saucer)
Cream Buns (remember de cream?)
Slab Cake / Chesthur Bread
Soda Bread
Sally Luns

Mug o’ Scald / Cup o’ Cha
A Layarge Bohhel offa de Shellef
A Ritz for de lack
A can of Hoppmans
Clonmel Chardonnay
Downes’ no. 9 mix
A Bohhel o’ Phoenix

Obviously we can add a few more craft beers since then like Metalman and Dungarvan… Is there anything else left off the menu???

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