Waterford Health Park Pharmacy Website Design

When designing the Waterford Health Park Pharmacy website we wanted to ensure the new website was sympathetic to the fabulous building that the pharmacy is located in.

The Waterford Health Park is brainchild of Dr. Mark Rowe, an proactive member of the community in Waterford city, a man who had a vision for the fabulous Pugin building located just outside the heart of Waterford city. The end result is a stunning clinic on a fabulous site.

Rory Moore, MPSI approached UTD Web Design to create their new website www.waterfordpharmacy.com and we were thrilled to get the opportunity.

Waterford Health Park PharmacyThe first thing we did was surveyed the site and took photographs of the stone work and cladding there because we felt that this could be translated to the website and would look well.  We also went inside the store to get a feel for the branding etc. in order to bring this through to the site also. The end result is a combination of both, the structure of the site is made up of the stone background and cladding and the header takes into account the blue skies and branding within the store.

Rory Moore, MPSI, was very happy with the end result.

“I contacted UTD Web Design based on a recommendation from Dr. Mark Rowe.  Once I spoke with UTD, they came up with a clear vision for our new site which matched our branding and location.  The process was straightforward, painless and quick. Once the site was live, UTD had no problem making extra tweaks to the live site. I’m very pleased with the service and  feel I  got good value for money. I would have no hesitation recommending UTD Web Design.”

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