Web Skin: ‘the Best of Waterford’ by Waterford Illustrator Lee Grace

backgroundI became good friends with Waterford illustrator Lee Grace a number of years ago.  We were both colleagues at Marla.ie and we got on like a house of fire from the get go.  It could have been our mutual love for Waterford, or maybe it was Arnie movies, but I guess it could have been our bizzare shared appreciation of Stan Bush’s music from the 1980s Transformers the Movie sound track that really cemented our friendship.  I mean the fact that someone else knew songs like Dare, and The Touch off was a real shocker for me.

Lee is a fantastic and accomplished graphics illustrator having produced graphic novels, high profile logos and brands through Marla, and other amazing professional and personal work. He has undertaken some pet projects for me over the years such as the UpTheDeise.com car sticker logo, the cover for a slang book I published a number of years back entitled ‘For Focal Sake – A 32 County Guide to Irish Slang‘ and he’s done some excellent volunteer work for the 1848 Tricolour Celebrations.  Next years branding will be based around his latest portrait of Thomas Francis Meagher.

I approached him a few months ago about a background for Waterford Web Design.  I sketched out a view of the county on an opened envelope and took a photo with my phone and sent it via email to him.  He said he’d knock something together for me…

When he sent the background through to me a a few weeks later I could not believe my eyes.  A masterpiece had been produced.  He had actually captured the essence of Waterford in one illustration.

Just a few features of the design to look out for starting from the bottom left, all of them being huge parts of Waterford’s identity and offering:

  1. A viking long boat complete with Viking on the River Suir
  2. Reginald’s tower, Ireland’s Oldest Civic Building
  3. The Clock Tower on the Quay
  4. The beaches off the east coast and the Metal Man from Newtown Head
  5. Surfer dudes on Tramore Beach
  6. Coumshingaun Lake in the Comeragh Mountains
  7. Ardmore and the west coast beaches on the right
  8. Towers from Ballysaggartmore near Lismore
  9. A golf course
  10. Waterford Crystal
  11. Waterford’s city bridge
  12. A hurley and sliothar representing sport in the county

Can you spot anything else???

Just wanted to say a huge thanks to Lee for illustrating this exclusive web skin for me, fantastic illustration work as always!  Lee is a man on top of his game. Please visit www.leegrace.com to see more of Lee’s great work.

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