Why Everyone Should Install Google Analytics

I’ll admit I was slow to start using Google Analytics myself but it was totally my loss.  I would advise everyone that has a website to go to the bother of installing analytics to get a picture of how well your website is performing. Most hosting companies provide comprehensive tools to allow you to view your web stats to the finest level of detail but Analytics takes it so much further.

Sample Analytics Screenshot

Sample Analytics Screenshot

Here are a just a few things of the things I like about it:

  • You get all the basics, no of visits, unique visits, page views, bounce rate, time users spend on site, traffic sources, keyword searches etc… and all of these are presented in graph and text format, which you can drill down into.
  • You can compare statistics going back as far as when you first installed analytics and you can see percentage changes in practically everything
  • You can set it up to email you (or a client) a summary of the results as a pdf of spreadsheet, at a fixed time period of your choice
  • You can actually overlay the results on you site so that when you browse your site you can see which pages are visited most etc.

It’s just an amazing piece of kit and is something I recommend that every client I work with sets up.  It takes all the mumbo jumbo out of web site statistics and presents it in a human readable format.

Here is an example of a report generated on one of my sites upthedeise.com-stats-november09

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